Tis’ the Season to be Accountable

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here and it’s easy to see why so many people struggle to keep motivation, and a consistent routine. Dinners, Christmas shopping, work, travel, and parties can take up a lot of time. Not to mention the cold weather months, where staying wrapped up in a warm blanket, next to the fire sounds a million times better than bundling up in layers of clothes and heading to the gym.

Slacking off and making excuses about time can diminish all of the progress you’ve achieved. Here are three tips to help keep you accountable during the holidays.

1. Plan Ahead

     If you’ve ever read anything about setting goals, then you know that planning ahead is a crucial step in achieving results. Plan your meals for the week, plan your workouts, and plan your shopping days. Write everything down in a planner or hang a calendar on your fridge. When you have an actual schedule to follow, you are more likely to stick to it.

2. Set Mini-Goals

     Sometimes thinking about a long-term goal can be overwhelming. Trying to plan too far into the future, especially during the busy holidays, may leave you feeling discouraged. Don’t worry about what you’ll be doing 3 months from now. Take it month-by-month or wee-by-week.

Step 1. Take a look at the entire month (in calendar form)

Step 2. Write down everything you know you have to do (Thanksgiving dinner, work, holiday party, pick up kids from practice, etc.)

Step 3. Take a smaller look at each week. On Sunday, plan your meals, figure out what days you have time to work out, etc. (Again, write this all down!)

*Remember to be realistic with your time and your goals. It’s much more satisfying and rewarding to have accomplished something, than to have made an excuse and have accomplished nothing.

3. Hold YOURSELF Accountable

     The easiest task can sometimes be the most difficult. Especially if that task involves putting yourself first. There are numerous articles that recommend joining a group class or finding a gym buddy/friend, to help keep you motivated and hold you accountable. However, no one can truly help you, except YOU! You have to want to do it. You have to make the time. You have to want more of yourself. YOU have to TAKE ACTION and SHOW UP.

“Stop waiting for motivation. Instead, build momentum. Make a small move (put on your gym shoes/eat a nutritious lunch) and it’ll motivate you to make another and another and another…

Motivation follows action.” – Carter Good (Instagram @cartergood)

 *Bonus tip

     Focus on the time spent with family and friends, and have fun. There is time for everything if you make the effort and prioritize. Last but not least, enjoy food and festivities by practicing moderation.

Shirlee is driven by her passion for dance, movement, fitness, health, and energy. She became an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer. Her specialty is strength training and is a lover of Spartan races and Powerlifting. She is dedicated to providing motivation and goal driven programs and looks forward to helping clients become happy and healthy inside and out. Hybridbarbell.com