Mobile Healthcare Apps: Will They Replace Traditional Doctor Visits

Ever wonder if technology could replace traditional doctor visits? Well, you might be right! According to an article from by Liana Werner-Gray, apps are replacing trips to the doctor’s office for your convenience!

Liana discusses a study completed by the West Monroe Partners showing that “80% of healthcare customers who have used a mobile app prefer this method over a traditional office visit,” and that “91% of healthcare customers take advantage of mobile apps when they’re offered.” Technology is making so many aspects of our lives easier, so why not doctor visits too?

Healthcare Apps Bringing Ease to Patients

Hart is one company that started doing this; they had more than 60 million transactions monthly, AND more than 10,000 “check-ins” monthly (from their kiosk app). Their business keeps growing due to the ease that it’s bringing their customers.

The President and Co-Founder of the Hart app, Mo Alkady, believes that the app is especially convenient for new parents; they can begin to track their baby’s medical records from the day they are born. The information can be accessed whenever they need it along the way!

So, how does the Hart app work? It records all of your medical information in ONE place. This makes it easily trackable and accessible for when you’ll need it in the future. You can also schedule your doctor’s appointments, stay in contact with your doctor by messaging them, and view your test results on the app. Talk about convenience!

Some people are skeptics of the digital process, but this new healthcare technology is just aiming to make our doctor’s visits more efficient. “If a patient visits a doctor’s office or hospital they will need to access their files anyway,” says Liana, “which can be a time-consuming and tedious process.”

Not only can you track your medical records and schedule doctor’s appointments, but you can also talk with “Hart-connected healthcare providers” as well as track your daily exercise activity. “It can also assist in syncing your fitness activity directly with your doctor or coach so it’s available at your next check-up,” says Liana. ONE app can do ALL of these things!

The app is great for teens who are just starting to take care of their own appointments — they can manage them straight from it. Grandparents can also manage their own health information if they want to. Plus, it’s free.

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