What’s New in Protein

Protein supplements have been at the forefront of the sports supplement industry for some time now due to their muscle building properties.

Now a days it can be daunting trying to figure out what the best protein powder to take is. Here are a few of the newest and most popular brands out there right now:

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Whey Protein has been the leader of protein powders for some time now as it is the best option for people trying to build muscle due to its excellent amino acid profile. It is a great post workout option for fast digestion and convenience. Optimum Nutrition has been a top choice in the category for some time due to its low calorie, high protein and great taste without overloading on additional ingredients.

Vega Protein

This is one of the most popular vegan options out there right now due to its great branding and taste. Plant based proteins are also a great source of amino acids and yield some additional ingredients such as turmeric and probiotics to aid in recovery. In addition, Vega Protein doesn’t use any additional preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Without a doubt more appealing to the more holistic minded customer.

Collagen Protein
The new Protein on the market is the collagen protein powders derived from natural collagen peptides.  The most popular brand I have seen in this category is by Vital Proteins. The benefit to collagen protein honestly goes far beyond just protein. It can serve as a whole food nutrition in your diet due to its vast array of benefits. Collagen is rich in amino acids, particularly Proline and Glycine, which are important in the development of new collagen.
It has been shown that collagen can prevent the degradation of connective tissue, thus reduce injuries in athletes and increase bone density.  Also, can aid in the beauty department with skin, hair and nail benefits.
Overall, each protein serves a distinct purpose for the customer. For straight post workout and muscle building benefits I would go with Whey protein. For Vegans or for a more holistic and all natural protein go with the Vega Protein. Collagen protein will appeal to someone looking for a whole food supplement with numerous benefits.