The Future of Obamacare: How Your Coverage May Be Affected

The Affordable Care Act’s exchanges have been closed for open enrollment recently. According to an article from Business Insider by Bob Bryan, Americans were reluctant to sign up for the health insurance coverage even before the enrollment closed due to the unpredictability of what will happen to the law.

Trump’s administration has brought all encouragement of signing up for Obamacare to a halt. One way of doing this was to pull $5 million in advertisements to encourage people to sign up, as well as decreasing the communication between the Department of Health and Human Services from the public. This is drastically affecting the health insurance market.

Should You Be Concerned About Your Insurance Coverage

A large chunk of young people usually enroll during the last few weeks of the enrollment process, and since these young people haven’t been doing so, the risk pool has been getting expensive, older, and sicker. According to Bob, “In years past, this has led to large losses for insurers on exchange-based plans, as well as questions over the long-term sustainability of the exchanges.”

Sylvia Burwell, the former HHS Secretary, said right before the inauguration of Trump that, “Strong demand is especially striking in light of the unique headwinds created by discouraging rhetoric from ACA opponents. More than 40,000 people have contacted our call center expressing concerns about whether they should sign up for coverage, with a sharp uptick in these questions last weekend.”

Bob talks about the Washington Post’s reports stating that the grassroots organization, Enroll America, has had “30% fewer appointments to assist in sign-ups than during the 2015-16 enrollment period.” The purpose of their organization is to get people to sign up for the ACA, and things are not looking good for them.

So what are the republicans doing to try and replace the ACA? GOP lawmakers have been trying to come up with a replacement so that they can repeal the ACA as soon as possible, but ideas have not been flourishing as they have hoped. Former Vice President Joe Biden warned, “Go ahead repeal it. Repeal it now, see what happens.”

Although President Trump says that the new health care plan will give all Americans better coverage, they are creating, even more, worry among the American people. Bob says that polls from NBC News, Politico, and other media have shown more people supporting Obamacare than people are against it.

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