Tips for Getting in Your Workout During Holiday Chaos

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The Holidays is a time for family, friends, fun, and FOOD. Maybe there’s a special dessert that your aunt makes that you wait ALL year for. Your mom’s bread rolls are just irresistible. Maybe you have to travel back home to see your family, so it makes is more difficult to exercise all of those calories off.

The Holidays are such a heartwarming time with family, so we don’t want to worry about when we’ll workout. Besides, fitness is a lifestyle choice; stick to basic routines, take a walk outside, or complete a quick YouTube video workout daily.

We gathered our top tips from for some ideas about how to get your workout in over the Holiday season.

  1. Do Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are great because they don’t even require you to leave the house — you can do them anytime, anywhere. Time yourself, look up the correct amount of reps, even challenge your family members!

Planks, pushups, tricep dips, squats, hamstring heel digs, crunches, sit-ups; the list goes on and on. Do them in your bedroom or anywhere there is a free space, and you’re good to go!

  1. Join a Group

A Washington DC resident named Linda Samuel works out five times per week. She says that over the Holidays, she signs up for a “Holiday Streak Group,” which is a group where members from all over the country commit to run (at the least) one mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

This is a great way to hold your accountability over the Holiday season. She says that one mile would take no longer than 12-13 minutes, so it does not take that much time out of your day. Most people end up running more than a mile, so this works better than telling yourself that you’ll run 3 miles every day.

These groups can be joined on Facebook, and here people can record their times and results.

  1. Find a Class

If you are traveling, check to see if there are any exercise classes at the local gyms in the area. You can find one for as little as 30 minutes, and you can even take some family members with you.

Another member of DC named Laura McPherson enjoys finding classes wherever she travels to. From yoga to water aerobics, the possibilities are endless.

Erica D'Arcangelo is an Internet Marketing Expert and co-owner of Fresh, Healthy & Fit where she is a regular contributor. Erica has been active in the health and fitness industry through spinning, yoga, HITT training and much more over the last decade. She's a fitness enthusiast and has also helped others with healthy living through her own blog.