Health Insurance: How the Election May Impact Your Coverage

Since the election, many people have been on edge regarding the new health care laws. Those who have insurance from the Affordable Care Act may have to face some serious challenges in the future because of the new laws that President-elect Trump and the Republicans in Congress may develop.

Rumors have spread that they want to abolish the law entirely, but we do not know what could replace it. Many people are uncertain as to what this means for their lives. We’ve gathered some insight from two American people with two different sides of the situation from

Lula needs the Affordable Care Act

Lula is the daughter of Keely Edgington and Beau Williams, owners of the bar/restaurant Julep in Kansas City. The adorable toddler has 4S non-amplified neuroblastoma, a cancer in her adrenal gland. The tumor needed to be removed.

Before the surgery, the bills were up to $350,000. Most of this had been covered through their insurance from (the federal health insurance under the Affordable Care Act).

The only way that they could afford the remaining $10,000 that they had to pay for was from the exchanges and subsidies that they had been given.

Even though Lula is in and out of remission, she will always have to be monitored and get additional testing.

The family had been anxiously waiting to hear about hat the new laws will bring them. If Obamacare is abolished, the family has considered getting an additional mortgage, selling their restaurant, or even moving to Canada for their daughter’s life.

Michael is Ready for Changes

On the other hand in Edwardsville, Illinois, Michael and Nancy Cluck see many things wrong with the Affordable Care Act. They bought insurance from and were pleased with the $300 per month that they had saved.

His provider dropped out of the exchange, so now he is left with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois insurance. Although the premiums and deductibles were good for Michael, he said that they would not cover hospitals on the Missouri side of the river.

Michael used to have prostate cancer, and even though he is free now, he still needs to visit the doctor frequently. He is upset that he cannot see his usual cancer doctors in his area, and he hopes that Obamacare will be repealed and replaced.

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