When is the Best Time of Day to Workout

We’ve heard it all…workout in the morning because it boosts your metabolism, workout in the afternoon for increased energy, workout at night to burn more calories. Truthfully, working out at any time of the day is still better than nothing, and it doesn’t matter what time you work out; you will burn the same amount of calories no matter what time. According to active.com, the best time of the day to workout depends on the person, so we put together some information so that you can decide what time is best for your individual needs!

Benefits of Working Out in The Morning

Many people say that working out in the morning increases your chances of actually completing your workout; as the day goes on, things may pop up that cause you to skip it. Research shows that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to their workout routines. Other benefits are:

• May boost metabolism
• Enhances insulin sensitivity
• Improves brain function
• Gives you more energy for the rest of the day
• Makes you more productive and alert

Benefits of Working Out Later in The Day

Some people’s lifestyles don’t allow them to work out in the morning, so working out later in the day may be their only option. For others, they just might not be morning people. Some benefits of exercising later in the day are:

• Your body is more “warm” in the afternoon, so there is less of a chance for injury
• It is the best time to move because of our “internal clocks”
• Muscle activation is functioning the most in the afternoon

Can Depend on How Advanced the Worker-Outer Is

If you are a beginner and are just starting out with exercising, any time of the day will work. Commit to a specific time every day and set goals for yourself.

If you are on-and-off with the gym, analyze what may be causing you to stop. Is it because you don’t feel like it in the afternoon? Or because of your work schedule? Try to find a time that you can stick to every day, and for most people with similar lifestyles — it’s the first thing in the morning.

If you are an advanced exerciser, you most likely already know what time of day works best for you and your lifestyle. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Erica D'Arcangelo is an Internet Marketing Expert and co-owner of Fresh, Healthy & Fit where she is a regular contributor. Erica has been active in the health and fitness industry through spinning, yoga, HITT training and much more over the last decade. She's a fitness enthusiast and has also helped others with healthy living through her own blog.