The Benefits of the Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve

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After 8 months of development, the Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve wants to provide you with the most accurate heart rate tracking. This sleeve can be worn 24 hours per day and even comes in two different types of fabrics.

Why is this Smart Sleeve different from other wrist trackers? They said that they chose to design a wearable for the arm instead of for the wrist because they wanted to provide ECG readings. They realize that you can get more information from a larger part of the body, and it abolishes the possibility of signal noise — which is the main problem with the wrist sensors. The nano trace in the sleeve was meant to measure heart rates and contractions. This Smart Sleeve is so unique; it has many different benefits over its competitors.

It Uses Unique Technology

Larry Goren and Elvis Goren are the father-son duo that invented the Komodo. The Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve uses electrocardiogram technology (aka ECG) to uncover the electrical movement that a heartbeat induces, and can instantly tell you your heart rate activity. This tiny tracking device contains many sensors, a processor, and internal memory — all hidden in the sleeve. These components can be used to gather information on your heart activity, your workouts, and your sleep cycle. The information is sent to the app on your smartphone and can be instantly read and interpreted by you.

It’s Easy to Understand

The Komodo will not throw a bunch of random numbers at you that you will have a hard time trying understanding the meaning of. Instead, it uses algorithms to allow you to easily interpret your data. The designers of the Komodo wanted to give influential information that would not only give you all of the important numbers that you’re looking for but also explain what they mean.

It Beats Its Competitors

Since the arm band is more effective than wrist trackers, the Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve is revolutionizing the way heart tracking is done. Since they are using the latest technology, its competitors, The Apple Watch and The Kardia Band, are competing for success. Unlike the Kardia band that measures for ten seconds, the ECG in the Komodo Sleeve can offer more in-depth data due to its ability to take longer measurements.

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