Slam Ball Blast Workout

Nowadays, almost every gym will carry a selection of exercise balls. The most common type of ball found in a gym is medicine, slam/wall, and stability. All exercise ball types vary in size, weight, and material. They can weigh any where between 2-150 pounds depending on the type of ball. Medicine balls are smaller, harder, and often times used to replace dumbbells in certain exercise like the overhead press, weighted squat, and diagonal wood chop.

Slam balls are also made of a hard rubber material, but are filled with sand and have an extremely small bounce effect. They are great to slam into the floor. A great exercise you can do with a slam ball is an overhead slam. Wall balls are a bigger, softer type of ball. Like the slam ball, they can be used for slamming exercises. They have a small bounce effect. Wall balls are also great for throwing exercises like rotational throws against a wall or a squat overhead throw against a wall.

Stability balls are larger and made of an elastic, plastic vinyl material. They are filled with air and made to support the weight of your body. Each size will have a height requirement and weight limit. Stability balls are often used to improve core stability and strength and to help support or modify certain exercises like the squat.

All exercise balls have been shown to improve functionality, coordination, core strength, and stability. They are also shown to increase muscle mass, athletic ability, and cardiovascular endurance.

Here is a full body workout using a wall or slam ball. This workout will challenge your strength and endurance.

The workout:

  • Burpee + Overhead Press (10 reps)
  • Push-up Pass (10 total reps)
  • Rotational Slam (10 total reps)
  • Cross-Under Mountain Climber (10 total reps)
  • Russian Twist (10 total reps)

*Repeat 3-5 times with minimal rest

Shirlee is driven by her passion for dance, movement, fitness, health, and energy. She became an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer. Her specialty is strength training and is a lover of Spartan races and Powerlifting. She is dedicated to providing motivation and goal driven programs and looks forward to helping clients become happy and healthy inside and out.