The Importance of Annual Health Exams

It can be difficult to truly comprehend the importance of preventative health care, especially since it seems like a waste of time and money to go to a doctor just to be told that your body is well and healthy.  However, preventative health care is far more than paying for a medical professional to tell you what you think you already know.  Annual health exams are actually a very important part of establishing and maintaining one’s physical health and well-being, and it’s valuable to understand why.

About Annual Health Exams

Physicians that perform annual health exams thoroughly evaluate an individual’s physical health, looking for markers that the individual himself may be entirely unaware of.  It is possible that an individual could suffer from an undesirable physical condition or illness without recognizing it, and that such a condition or illness would worsen from lack of address or treatment.  A physician who is given the opportunity to perform a thorough physical examination may be able to spot indicators of undesirable physical conditions or illnesses and then help the patient address and treat them.

Another vitally important part of annual health exams is the opportunity for doctor and patient to engage in important discussions.  An individual who participates in unhealthy patterns of behavior can benefit enormously from speaking openly about their lifestyle with their physician, who can enlighten them in the potential dangers posed by these patterns of behavior and the benefits of improving their lifestyle.  Some of the key topics that can be covered include:

● Diet.  Individuals benefit from diets that include lean meats, whole grains, low fat dairy, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables.  Your physician can also explain the potential damages that can be caused by processed foods, poor portion control and high sugar intake.

● Physical activity.  Individuals who participate in regular physical activity have stronger muscles, hearts and bones, and your physician can help determine the exercise program that will work best to your own specific needs.

● Sleep.  Individuals who suffer from inadequate sleep sometimes also suffer from behavioral issues, difficulty concentrating and even obesity.  Your physician can help guide you if you are unable to achieve the adequate sleep you need.

An annual health exam is a key opportunity for the individual to not only confirm their body’s overall health and well-being, but also get answers and advice to basic health questions so that they can continue to maintain and improve their health and well-being.

Erica D'Arcangelo is an Internet Marketing Expert and co-owner of Fresh, Healthy & Fit where she is a regular contributor. Erica has been active in the health and fitness industry through spinning, yoga, HITT training and much more over the last decade. She's a fitness enthusiast and has also helped others with healthy living through her own blog.