The Most Important Life Lesson

I think it’s a great day to check in and relax.  Let’s start this week off by loosening the reigns on ourselves, shall we?

What would it take for you to get connected to you?

If you met me in my late 20s, you’d have thought I was the least likely woman to be sitting here, writing to you about relaxing, finding your center, letting yourself learn and enjoying the journey.

At that time, I was hell bent on fixing the mess I decided I had made by wanting to be my own person and do my own thing. I was worn out, too thin and compulsed to get it all right.

I’d never thought of doing anything besides dancing. I’d never thought I’d need to. The idea of having a body that would wear out or a drive that could lose its resilience hadn’t crossed my mind.

When it happened and I chose to move on, it was like someone turned on the floodlights and the loudspeakers.  Suddenly, I was hit with what cynics call “the real world” and, without a skill in my tool belt to help me cope with that kind of reality smack, I went down.

I was depressed and miserable for several years.  I worked myself like a dog – up before dawn, in bed after midnight, every day of the week. I rarely socialized and when I did, I was so starved for relating that I attached to the people I was with. I took on fickle friends and lovers with little to offer and much to take. I was so stressed that my immune system fell apart.

Always sick.
Always tired.
Always uninspired.

I was hiding it pretty well too – teaching therapeutic exercise and in grad school to become a registered dietitian.

I was planning a life where I could care for and nurture others while I let myself fall apart.

It was through learning to forgive myself that I connected the dots and saw the opportunity to do purposeful work.

When I got that all of this was a result of my compulsion to control and perfect, I learned one of the most important lessons that I teach:

There’s absolutely nothing you can control

You’re here to respond to the world outside of you while you take care of the world inside.

It takes a major effort to shift all of that control freak type of thinking. One thing I realized is, because I DID choose my own path for so long BEFORE I bought in to “the real world” mentality for a hot second, I was light years ahead of most.

Most people have been doing what they’re “supposed” to do and following “the rules” since they first heard them.  It was going to take THAT MUCH MORE effort for them to get free and find joy in their beautiful, lovable and original selves.

That’s why I designed the harvest method. That’s why I write and speak and share every day about Project: Love, Me and the importance of connecting to yourself and enjoying this gorgeous journey we call life.

I don’t know where you are on your journey.
I don’t know if you ever thought about having a life where you get to be who you want to be and do what you want to do, deep in your heart.
I don’t know if you are happy and feel whole and supported.
I don’t know if you see how important you are and how necessary it is that you take care of yourself.

I DO know that I want that for you, my dear.

I also know that is takes practice that I am ever-willing to do myself and support another in doing.

Rachel Harvest is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian-nutritionist and behavioral health coach, based in Brooklyn and serving clients nationwide via tele-coaching, HIPAA compliant video appointment and virtual programs. She has a masters of clinical nutrition from New York University. Rachel specializes in behavioral health, disordered eating, weight loss, clean eating, GI, oncology and pediatric nutrition. Follow her on Twitter @harvest_method Instagram @theharvestmethod and via her newsletter at