Most of us don’t realize that we are magnesium deficient. Not having enough magnesium can cause: cramped muscles, anxiety, hyperactivity, and difficulty getting to or staying asleep.

Magnesium assists with the transmission of nerve impulse, detoxification, regulation of body temperature, production of energy, and the formations of healthy bones and teeth.
Magnesium can also help halt a common cold in its early stage.

Some of the Benefits of Magnesium are:

  • Better sleep
  • Relaxes the nervous system/elevates mood
  • Bigger, strong muscles – magnesium allows the body to grow more insulin like growth factor, which means major contributor to the growth, and strength of muscles, better flexibility, loosens tight muscles.  Without magnesium muscles do not relax properly and cramping can occur
  • Bone integrity and strength
  • Magnesium helps to fix calcium properly.
  • One of the most essential nutrients because it is similar to a hormone called calcitonin.
  • Suppresses a hormone called parathyroid that breaks down bones.
  • Remineralizes teeth- magnesium deficiency causes an unhealthy balance of phosphorous and calcium in saliva which damages teeth.
  • Alkalizes the body- reduces lactic acid, which is partly responsible for post exercise pain
  • Hydrates, helps to relived constipation and clean the bowels of toxins
  • Enzyme function- magnesium is required to make hundreds of enzymes and assists with thousands of others
  • Diabetes- helps with insulin secretion, which facilitates sugar metabolism
  • It also can help prevent strokes, heart disease, menstrual pain and more.
  • The best way to get magnesium in your body is through the skin.
  • The skin absorbing ability is the reason why magnesium creams are great for sore muscles after the workout.

You never know with supplements the quality, how your body absorbs them, if it is actually are getting into your blood stream.  Whether you choose the route of custom made Epsom salt and essential oils baths or custom made magnesium and essential oils lotions, these are the two best options. Epsom salt soak draw out pathogens and toxins that are still on the surface level before they get deeper.

If you like baths, why not make the most of your baths with Epsom salt, essential oils custom made to what your body needs.  Or custom-made magnesium lotion made with your emollient and essential oils of your choosing for your personal needs.

Truth, my non- toxic organic essential oil products, I can make you many types of Epsom salt/magnesium baths to cover many of your needs, insomnia, detox, skin softening etc. If baths are not your thing we can do this through a topical lotion.

Charleene O’Connor
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BS in Exercise Physiology Muscle Biomechanics Specialist. TPI Golf Fitness Specialist I started up four fitness centers from from scratch and ran the fitness aspect in New York and at The Los Angeles Country Club. I also have worked at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I love to find the route of the problem, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Having been diagnosed with skin cancer it put me on a mission to make my own line of non toxic skin and home care called Truth. The skin is the largest organ in the body, you need to be very careful what you put into it.