Wearable fitness trackers can be quite appealing to individuals who desire to improve their fitness regimens.  When it comes to achieving and maintaining one’s ideal physique, however, the most important thing is the individual’s resolve and persistence.  If they use their fitness tracker successfully, they can experience the many great benefits of this device.  But research has indicated that roughly one third of those Americans who purchase a wearable fitness tracker discontinue its use within six months.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure you don’t become one of them.


Following is a simple guide to using your fitness tracker successfully:

 Don’t expect miracles.  Wearing a fitness tracker does not automatically guarantee you the body you desire.  It’s important to recognize that this device is a tool that, when used correctly, can help you achieve your fitness goals.  Your desire to work hard and succeed is still critical.

● Ignore the calorie count.  Unfortunately, many calorie counts provided by fitness trackers are inaccurate.  They are often based on your age, gender, height and weight alone, without taking into account other important information.

● Set your own goals.  Your fitness tracker will most likely come with preset goals and while this may seem convenient, it can actually prove to be a problem.  Either these goals are too easy to challenge you, or they are so hard that you have a hard time persisting.  It’s better to consider what you want to achieve and then set your own goals.

● Change your daily behavior.  Your fitness tracker will diligently track your daily activities, but this won’t automatically cause a change in your daily habits and behavior.  You need to change it yourself, and let your tracker show you the benefits of having done so.

● Connect socially.  When you have others who are invested in and supportive of your progress, this can cause you to push yourself even harder–even when you’d rather give up.

● Reward yourself.  While it’s true that many individuals achieve a level of physical fitness wherein their physical condition sufficiently rewards them for their daily workouts, it can take some time to reach that level.  It’s important to reward yourself every day for reaching your goals.  This can be dropping a few bucks into a jar and then treating yourself to something nice–like a massage–at the end of the month.

Always remember that your fitness tracker is a tool–and use it wisely!

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