Fitness Technology: Could It Be Hurting Your Progress

fitness tech and progressWhile many individuals love the idea of staying fit, few truly understand how to make their workouts as effective as possible, and so may be wasting time and energy on workouts that fail to bring about the desired results.  This is where fitness gadgets and technology can come in handy–by helping an individual track their progress and recognize what areas they are weak in so they can strengthen these areas.  However, when an individual becomes so consumed with the statistics measured by their fitness gadgets, they may actually find that this apparently helpful technology is actually hurting their progress.

Drawing a Line

In determining whether fitness technology is useful in helping one streamline their workouts, one must first consider the ultimate purpose behind these workouts.  Any fitness regimen should be aimed at helping the individual achieve and maintain an ideally healthy, strong and physically fit body that can comfortably meet the individual’s demands.  It should also work to help the individual cope with stress and anxiety in a very healthy way.  It therefore follows that any fitness technology that gets in the way of or actively undermines any of these goals is hurting your progress.

One example of the damage that fitness technology can do is when it adds stress to the individual’s life.  Tracking one’s progress and statistics should never take up more time than one’s physical workout activity takes, and it should aid you in streamlining this activity, not fretting over it.  Where fitness technology raises the individual’s awareness of what they are eating, how they are working out and their overall physical condition so that they can do something to improve these situations, then they are benefitting from its use.  However, it is vital for them to recognize that regardless of what their fitness trackers and gadgets say, these things are not some sort of magic wand that can make them fit and healthy.  Nor do these trackers and gadgets have medical degrees to determine how best to protect the individual’s health, which is why some medical professionals believe they are harmful in and of themselves.

It’s true that where fitness technology may encourage an individual to push himself even harder, a medical doctor may encourage the individual to actually draw back a little and take it easy in order to prevent overtaxing the body.  In the end, protecting one’s physical health should always win out.

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