5 Walking Workouts to Burn Fat and Boost Energy

When it comes to fitness and exercise, there is simply no arguing the fact that some form of exercise is better than none at all. For some people, walking workouts are a comfortable choice, and they should not be devalued. Obviously, an individual could burn more fat and build more endurance if they ran for thirty minutes instead of walking for thirty minutes, but if the individual is uncomfortable with running, walking can provide them with an exercise routine which can still lead to desired results. This is especially true if they learn how to “walk smart”.

Walking Workouts that Burn Fat and Boost Energy

1. High-intensity walking workout. High-intensity walking, which includes speed walking or walking up hills or stairs, can be enormously beneficial in helping the individual achieve their fat burning and energy boosting goals. At least twenty minutes a day for three nonconsecutive days a week often leads to the best results.

2. Treadmill walking workout. Treadmills are perfect for individuals who don’t want to deal with weather, traffic or visibility when working out. Treadmills can also show the individual exactly how fast they are walking and that their speed is naturally increasing over time, which can prove to be a big motivator for continued regular workouts. An individual can start at a comfortable speed, and then increase the speed slowly over a half-hour period before slowly decreasing their speed for a nice cool-down phase.

3. “Sprint” walking workout. In this workout routine, an individual should warm up for five minutes before walking as fast as they can for ten minutes. They should note this turnaround point for future reference, and then walk back at a brisk pace, slowing down gradually for a nice cool-down phase. The next time the individual participates in this workout routine they should drive for a faster “sprint” so that they move past their previous turnaround point.

4. Long walking workout. Needless to say, longer workout routines yield better results, and this is no less true of walking. A long walking workout of an hour or more can melt roughly three hundred fifty calories and help to build up one’s endurance. It can also be a great way to catch up with friends.

5. Ab-shaping walking workout. With the right movements during a high-intensity ab-shaping walking workout, one can actually shrink up to five times more belly fat than with a lower-intensity workout. One should draw their abs inward toward their spine while walking, while maintaining a steady, aerobic breathing pattern.

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