5 Tips for Riding Smarter During Spin Class

photo courtesy of charlottesbook.com

The increasingly popular indoor workout of Spinning is a cardio workout that involves indoor cycling set to music and lasting anywhere from forty to sixty minutes in length. Like any other fitness activity, Spinning can be highly effective and beneficial when performed correctly, which means when the participant’s overall safety and comfort is kept in consideration. Following are five basic tips for how to ride smarter during Spin class:

1. Arrive early for class. If you arrive early for class you will have enough time to set up your bike, which can help to ensure a comfortable and safe workout. You will also have extra time to ask your instructor any questions you may have without having to do so during the workout. That said, your early arrival should not lead to an early departure–staying for the entire class, including the cool-down portion–will ensure you get the best results.

2. Adjust the equipment. Professional cyclists who have been cycling for many years know that different padded shorts, cycling shoes and even muscle groups can change how one fits on one’s bike. It is important to ensure that one is truly getting the most out of their fitness equipment, by adjusting it as needed. For Spin class, one should stand just to the left of the bike and adjust the saddle and handlebars to hip height. Then, one should place their fist at the center of the handlebars and bend their arm at a ninety-degree angle. The seat should touch the elbow, and can be adjusted until it does so. Also, make sure that extending the knee to the full rotation allowed by the pedals results in a very slight knee bend.

3. Pay attention to your position. During class, one should be alert to excess pressure on the wrists or hands, and shift their weight back to their legs. There should be very little pressure on the back, knees and wrists and a minimal rounding of the back and shoulders.

4. Don’t compete with your neighbor. It is not unusual for individuals to feel driven toward competition when they are participating in an activity with many others. However, Spin class is not about competing with anyone else, it is about getting the best cardio workout for one’s own specific needs.

5. Give your workout your all. A certified Spin instructor knows exactly what to ask participants to do, and when, so that they get the most out of their workouts. If the instructors asks participants to add resistance, they should do exactly this, especially since riding without proper resistance can actually cause injuries and discomfort.

Spinning can definitely be challenging, but it can also be highly rewarding if one goes about it in the right way.

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