5 Ways to Avoid a Winter Workout Rut

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Winter can be a very difficult time of year for the fitness-minded individual. Not only are there endless, less-than-healthy temptations everywhere, it can be difficult or even impossible to maintain one’s usual workout routines through the harsh winter weather. Some individuals feel like the easiest solution is just to take a break from working out during the winter, but bodies do better if exercise remains constant. Instead, one should consider winter to be a time when they can explore new, fun fitness activities.

Keeping Winter Workouts Interesting

Most people appreciate the fact that diversity is good–especially when it comes to fitness regimens. Keeping one’s workouts varied can not only keep them interesting, so that one continues to exercise regularly, but it can also keep them highly beneficial. Following are five ways one can avoid a winter workout rut, and keep these workouts interesting:

1. Plan out what physical goals you want to accomplish over the winter months, and find indoor exercises that can help one to accomplish them. Racquetball, indoor boot camps, indoor rock climbing, indoor cycling and other similar indoor exercises can actually be pleasant during the winter months because they allow one to both escape the weather and exercise in ways they may not enjoy during the spring, summer and fall.

2. Consider playing as a way to exercise. It is estimated that one hour of making snow angels can burn over two hundred calories, one hour of snowball fights can burn over three hundred calories, one hour of snowman building can burn nearly three hundred calories, and one hour of ice skating can burn over four hundred fifty calories. In this way, one doesn’t feel that they are working out so much as having fun, but their body is still benefiting enormously.

3. Try out a winter-only sport. Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing can only be done during winter months, which means that one can put a fun twist on their workout activities during this time of the year.

4. Find new ways to workout at home. Part of the problem with winter workouts is the difficulty one may have in leaving their home and arriving at a gym. This can be avoided by finding new ways that one can workout at home, including using a workout DVD, investing in a piece of fitness equipment or some other solution.

5. Take advantage of in-season produce to get excited about this time of year. Orange, kale and chestnuts are all in-season during the winter, and are great ways to boost physical health, which can help one to become more excited about maintaining their overall fitness during this time of year.

Don’t let the cold winter weather set you back in your fitness goals. Find ways to make it fun and interesting–so you are ready for a beautiful transition into spring.

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