5 Tips for Flatter Abs

When asked what part of their body they wish to improve the most, many individuals usually say that they want flatter, more toned abs.  Exercises that improve and tone one’s core can be demanding and difficult, as can the other lifestyle changes that lead to the flat, tight abs most individuals desire.  However, one’s hard work pays off when they finally experience a tighter midsection.

Tips for Flatter Abs

It’s true that workouts designed to exercise an individual’s core muscles can also improve their abs, but that leaves a lot of room for guessing and interpretation.  Following are five keys that can lead to flatter, more toned abs:

1. Work On Your Posture.

Unfortunately, the technological age that we live in contributes to a highly sedentary lifestyle that then can lead into poor posture.  It is not unusual for individuals to carry themselves in such a way that their ears are in front of their bodies and their shoulders are in front of their hearts, causing them to slouch.  Unfortunately, this leads to weak stomach muscles.  Proper posture means that one’s ears should be over their shoulders, their shoulders should be over their hips, their hips should be over their knees and their knees should be over their ankles.  By standing correctly, the individual will find that their ab muscles will pull themselves in.

2. Work Out Your Whole Body.

It’s easy for someone to focus intensely on one area they have attention on, but doing ab exercises alone will not actually serve to strengthen these muscles.  Muscles around the entire body, especially your core, work together, and must therefore be exercised together.

3. Work On Your Diet and Digestion.

Even when an individual has developed great ab strength and posture, they will not have flatter, toned abs with a poor diet.  A good diet allows the individual to burn off more calories than they take in, and provides them with the basic nutrients they need to have great amounts of energy.

4. Don’t Rely on Props or Gyms.

There are tons and tons of products currently on the market that supposedly help build stronger abs, like stability balls, straps and bands, even fancy walking shoes.  However, these products are not absolutely necessary in order for an individual to achieve the flatter, toned abs they want.  A walk in the park, raking leaves and standing up straight can work wonders.

5. Take Things Slow.

There really is no way for one to simply “create” flatter abs and then have them indefinitely.  It is a slow, steady progression that one will have to continue in order to achieve and maintain the desired results of flatter, more toned abs.