Smartshirts: The Latest Wearable Technology in Fitness

When people seek out the best fitness regimen to meet their specific needs, they often take the time to determine if there are easier and faster ways to reach their fitness goals.  Furthermore, the individual’s dedication to a specific regimen or workout can depend largely on whether they feel that regimen or workout is helping them achieve their specific fitness goals.  This is where fitness technology can be most helpful to an individual.

With the veritable explosion of the technological age, individuals across the globe are discovering amazing new ways to use technology in order to aid them in some aspect of their life.  While only one small aspect of its usefulness, technology used in fitness is greatly helpful in allowing an individual to streamline their exercise and workout regimens in order to really get the most out of them every time.

About Smartshirts

There are several forms of carryable and wearable technology, including smartphones and smartwatches, that places information at an individual’s fingertips.  However, the recently unveiled PoloTech smartshirt from Ralph Lauren may very well prove to be the most advanced wearable technology currently available to fitness enthusiasts.

The PoloTech smartshirt is a black t-shirt with the trademark yellow Polo pony over the left breast, and it is made of a “second-skin” type of compression fabric.  The fabric has silver fibers woven into it, and these fibers are able to track important information like how many steps the individual has taken, what their heart rate is and how many calories they’ve burned.  A small black box that is filled with various sensors is snapped into the shirt directly below the ribcage, and it streams information directly to an app on the individual’s iPhone, iWatch or iPod touch.  This allows the individual to view customized workout programs with more than ten thousand different cardio, strength and agility combinations.

Executive Vice President David Lauren has said that the PoloTech smartshirt serves as a bridge between technology, fitness and style.  It allows the individual to approach the issues of wellness and well-being in both comprehensive and complementary ways, so that the individual does not have to part with one aspect in order to maintain the other two. It can be appreciated that an individual who desires the latest in technology does not want to have to sacrifice their overall fitness or style goals, or vice versa.  The technology used in the PoloTech smartshirt was first tested at last year’s US Open tennis championships by ball boys, who wore the smartshirts during practice games.

The PoloTech smartshirt is washable and was developed in partnership with the Canadian-based company OMSignal.  It became available on August 27th at, the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York and at the US Open tennis championships, for a retail price of $295.  It is also part of the campaign to re-launch the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport line, which was previously discontinued since 2000.  Lauren has indicated that the technology present in these smartshirts may very well show up in the future in ties, polo shirts and even suits.

Of course, an individual who chooses to use the PoloTech or any other sort of wearable technology will still have to determine the best fitness regimen to meet their own individual needs.  Regardless of how a smartshirt may aid the individual in gathering the information they need in order to customize and maximize their workout, it is important to recognize that this technology cannot, in fact, replace the individual’s good judgment.