Labor Day Fitness Ideas That Will Change Your Workout

Most individuals who are dedicated to their overall health and fitness regimen can find holidays somewhat distracting.  True, it may not be the best time to participate in one’s full workout routine at their gym, but there is no reason why celebrating Labor Day should mean one doesn’t get to work out at all.

Holiday Fitness Ideas

Holiday recreational activities can be a terrific way to maintain one’s fitness routine, while also changing their basic workout routine and enjoying time with friends and family.  Following are some Labor Day fitness ideas:

● Stand-up Paddleboarding.  Not only is this an amazingly fun activity, it is a challenging fitness activity.  Balancing on the board while paddling can help strengthen your core.

● Hiking.  Hiking can be an enjoyable group activity, and it can help build muscle and clear one’s head.  A one-hour hike can serve to burn more than three hundred fifty calories and tone muscles.  A planned stop for a packed picnic lunch can make it even more fun.

● Bike Riding.  Bike riding can help an individual burn up to five hundred calories in an hour, and can be a wonderful way to enjoy scenic views with family members or friends.

● Beach Volleyball.  Beach volleyball can burn up to five hundred eighty-five calories in just forty-five minutes, and it can also help you maximize speed and strength.  Competitive beach volleyball games can be a fun holiday activity.

● Trail Running.  This wonderful cardio-vascular activity can both challenge the body and help strengthen muscles all over the entire body.  A nice trail run, followed by a relaxing barbeque, can be a wonderful holiday workout.

● Outdoor Yoga.  Yoga can be an incredibly relaxing activity for your body and your mind, and by bringing it outdoors one can enjoy an entirely different environment and view.

● Swimming.  Whether in a personal or community pool or even the beach, swimming is an incredibly effective and enjoyable workout.

In many cases, one can enjoy their holiday activities while still participating in an effective workout routine.  The important thing is to discover what workout routine you will enjoy on your Labor Day holiday.