4 Best Workouts to Relax Both Body and Mind

It is basically widespread knowledge that regular physical exercise is key to one’s health and happiness in life.  Some individuals take this to heart, and never begin or end a single day without going through their preferred exercise regimen.  This is ideal, and it can certainly serve to keep the individual fit and active.  However, there is also another, perhaps less well-known benefit to regular workouts–the relaxation of one’s body and mind.

The general purpose of any workout is, of course, to properly exercise one’s body in order to improve one’s health and physique.  A well exercised body feels better, moves better and is far more healthy than one that receives little or no exercise.  However, working out can also serve to make an individual feel more relaxed and energetic and less stressed and anxious.  A workout should not be a lazy, simple activity, and nor should it be so intense that one feels overwhelmed and uncomfortable.  With the right workout, you can relax your body and your mind while exercising, and come away with a full complement of benefits.

Best Workouts

When looking for a workout that will serve to relax one’s mind and body, it is important to also ensure that they still exercise the body as well as intended.  Following are four of the best workouts for accomplishing all of this:

1. Yoga.  Yoga is well-known as a relaxing workout exercise, as it not only includes controlled movements of the body, but also a controlled focus of the mind.  A lot of attention in yoga is focused on breathing properly, which alone can help an individual eliminate stress and tension from their body and their mind.  There are many different methods of yoga practice, so that the individual can explore and better determine which one will work best to their own personal needs and desires.

2. Pilates.  Pilates also has calm, rhythmic breathing as a focal point, which can work well to calm one’s mind and body.  The exercises of pilates are designed to improve one’s physical strength, flexibility and posture, and with the proper mental awareness and focus one can feel the strength of their own body as they work to tighten and relax their muscles.

3. Running.  Running can be an incredibly effective way for an individual to relieve stress and improve their physical and mental health.  Furthermore, running does not simply have to mean that one is running full–as hard and fast as they can without true goal or purpose.  Some individuals may prefer to run long distances slowly, while others may prefer hill training and still others prefer speed workouts and sprints.  It doesn’t actually matter how one runs, though, as this is most certainly a full-body and full-mind workout that yields wonderful benefits.

4. Biking.  Like running, biking can be a very effective way for an individual to relieve stress and improve their physical and mental health.  Also like running, biking workouts can be done in a variety of ways–from high-intensity spinning classes to long, slow rides to speed training.  No matter the personal preference, there is a bike workout suitable for anyone who is seeking to relax their body and their mind.

Whatever workout one chooses in order to exercise and relax their body and their mind, it is vitally important they they enjoy this workout–otherwise they are less likely to participate in it regularly.  Needless to say, it is the regularity with which one participates in their workouts that helps to determine their overall success and benefits from these workouts.  Some individuals already know this is true–as simply pulling out their yoga mat or tying up their running shoes can get them to start breathing more calmly and deeply, preparing them for the relaxation that is soon to come.

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