Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Weekend Workout

In many cases, an individual pushes themselves through the rest of the work week with an eager eye looking toward the upcoming weekend.  It’s true that the weekend is a time for individuals to relax and slow down, doing whatever they want whenever they want, but it’s also true that the weekend is a good time to ensure that one gets the most out of their workouts, as they don’t have the distractions of a busy work schedule. 

Weekend Workouts

Workouts are most effective in bringing about the desired results when they occur regularly, which may not always occur during the workweek.  This means that the individual should take advantage of the extra time they have on the weekend to participate in longer, more thorough workouts.  If normal weekday workouts last for thirty minutes, weekend workouts should run for forty-five to sixty minutes, or even longer.  These workouts should also take the time to address areas that may be forgotten during the week due to time limitations.  For example, if weekday workouts seem to focus primarily on cardio training, weekend workouts should address strength training or stretching.

In order to get the absolute most out of your weekend workout you should try something absolutely new, and perhaps far more physically demanding and challenging than your normal weekday workout.  You may want to try rock climbing, paddleboard yoga classes, Zumba, or something else that pushes you out of your comfort zone and can provide great benefits.  Even better, take two absolutely new classes back-to-back so that you work your entire body, burn calories and experience the exhilaration that comes with pushing through two classes rather than just one.

You should also consider how you get to your workout on the weekend, and determine whether you can exercise on the way there.  For example, instead of driving to the gym you may want to walk, run or even bike there.  Along the way, you may find alternate paths on which to run, hike or bike ride during the week, and you may also find new workout places to try out.

Finally, you should plan to go together with friends to your weekend workout.  It is not unusual for the group atmosphere to contribute greatly to one’s successful workout, as friends can actually motivate you to push harder than you might when you are on your own.  The entire purpose of the workout is, after all, to thoroughly exercise your body, which cannot be done if you are not truly pushing it to the limit.