The Greatest Tech Gadgets for Weight Loss

There is absolutely no doubt that we live in a technological age, with newer and better gadgets being revealed all throughout each and every year.  Every January in Las Vegas, companies attend the Consumer Electronics Show in order to share their newest and best gadgets for the year.  In recent years, fitness gadgets have dominated these shows, helping individuals learn how to more easily establish and maintain their health.

Tech Gadgets for Weight Loss

It can be challenging to even determine that one needs and wants weight loss, perhaps largely because it can be difficult to bring it about.  The most innovative tech gadgets work to help bridge this gap by providing individuals with the tools they need in order to successfully overcome their weight loss challenges and establish healthier bodies and lives.  Following are some of the top tech gadgets currently available to assist with overall health and weight loss:

● The InBody band.  This gadget can track your basic fitness statistics, and also has the ability to analyze your body composition–muscle vs. fat mass–using four different sensors.  The InBody band is a Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award winner.

● The SmartMat.  This unique yoga mat syncs with a special app in order to track when you are out of alignment while exercising.  The SmartMat will give you verbal, real-time feedback so that you can correct your yoga poses and get the most out of your exercises.

● The Connected Cycle Smart Pedal.  This tech savvy gadget tracks your speed, route, incline and calories burned on each ride, and it can also alert you if someone is trying to steal your bicycle.  With a GPS locator, it is easy to find your bike if it’s been taken.

● The S+Sleep Tracker.  You can place this gadget next your bed in order to have it monitor your breathing patterns, chest movements, environmental conditions and much more.  It will also help report on what may be influencing your sleep patterns and how to improve them, which can include changing your diet to improve your healthy weight.  The S+ Sleep Tracker is a Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award winner.

● The Sensoria Fitness Socks.  These fitness socks contain pressure sensors in order to track your foot landing, running form, pace, distance, speed and much more.  The data gathered from these sensors are sent to an app for analysis, so that one can be more motivated to continue their fitness activities and continue to encourage a healthy weight.

● Tao Exercise Chair.  This chair comes with arms that you push, pull and otherwise move in order to get a full body workout.  It comes with built-in sensors to track the amount of calories you burn during each workout.

In some cases, workouts can be incredibly effective when completed without the help of any sort of tech gadgets.  However, for those who find increased motivation to be essential to their success in losing weight and keeping it off, these gadgets can be wonderfully helpful.