The 5 Best Fitness Apps

fitness application

As most individuals are well aware, there are practically infinite options when it comes to physical fitness. Just as bodies are not all created equally, neither are fitness regimens, and what works very well for one individual may not work well, or even at all, for another individual. It is important that the individual take the time to truly understand what their body needs, and how it best responds to different forms of exercise and activity.

Once this is understood, establishing a regular fitness regimen that one can adhere to can help one to achieve the optimal body health they most desire. However, it can be difficult to incorporate regular trips to the gym into one’s busy schedule, and this is where a fitness app can come in very handy.

Fitness Technology – Tracking Your Workouts

Today, technology offers individuals solutions for just about anything they choose, but this does not mean that all fitness apps are good ones. Following are five of the best fitness apps currently available.

  1. FitStar Personal Trainer. The benefit of hiring a personal trainer is that one ends up with a workout that is tailored to their own personal needs. However, personal trainers can be very expensive. FitStar Personal Trainer was created by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez and it assesses the individual’s needs and fitness level by asking a simple set of questions at the end of each workout, in order to better prepare for the next workout. This allows for challenging workouts that do not overwhelm the individual.
  2. Nike+ Training Club. This particular app offers the individual more than one hundred workouts to choose from, all crafted by Nike master trainers and addressing a wide variety of fitness levels. To use the app, the individual selects their fitness goal – like to get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused – and then chooses from proposed workout plans. Each workout comes with video tutorials so that they can easily be understood and followed, even by fitness beginners.
  3. Runtastic Six Pack Abs. A strong core and six pack abs may not be easy to achieve, but are always highly desirable. With Runtastic Six Pack Abs there are two avatar trainers to choose from and workout programs ranging from ten days to almost a month in length. Slow-motion videos of the virtual trainers allows the individual to learn each exercise correctly, and avoid injuries.
  4. Fitnet. Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, Fitnet can measure how well you’re keeping up with your workout programs – whether you need to slow down or speed up – so that you can work on improving your performance.
  5. WOD Deck of Cards. To use this app, you need to choose the four exercises you want to focus on – one for each suit – and see what comes up first in the deck. You can keep drawing new cards until you finish the deck, or until you reach a point of exhaustion.

There may be other useful fitness apps that work very well to help individuals with their own specific workout needs, but these five are a wonderful place to start.

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