Best Partner Exercises


We all know the benefits of working out with another person. They provide motivation, accountability, entertainment and more. Since WellSquad matches you with your perfect workout partner, we created a list of fun but challenging exercises for you two to try.So grab your buddy, hit the park or gym and get to it! 

1. Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Sit facing your partner with both knees bent and feet together. Start off by holding the medicine ball at your chest and as you go into a sit up, lift the ball behind your head and then toss it to your partner.

2. Russian Twist Ball Toss

Sit on the ground facing your partner with your knees bent and upper body reclined. While holding the medicine ball in front of your chest, twist your upper body slowly to the left and right. Then throw ball to your partner.

3. Partner Plank Hold

Lie on the ground facing each other in the plank position. Partners will touch opposite hands while maintaining a still position. To increase intensity, lift your foot opposite your lifted hand.

4. Single Leg Squats

Stand with feet hip width apart. Grab your partners hand and slowly lift your right legs straight out. With all your weight on your left legs, slowly squat down as far as you can while maintaining balance. Push back up and repeat with the opposite leg.

5. Partner Lunge

Face your partner while holding the medicine ball. Step forward into a lunge, then place the ball into your partner’s hands as they step back into a lunge. Your partner will then lunge forward using their back leg, and pass the ball to you as you lunge back with your front leg.

6. Burpees

Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body into a squatting position with your hands in front of your feet. Kick your feet back and come to a push-up position. Complete one push-up then quickly reverse the movement back to starting position.

7. Wheelbarrow Pushup with a Deadlift 

Have your partner get in a push-up position, then stand behind them and lift and hold their ankles. As they perform a push-up, bend forward from your hips, while keeping your arms straight, back flat and knees straight.